Red on the Red Carpet!

Awards season this year has not disappointed. The Baftas, Grammys and now The Oscars have given us some of fashions most memorable dresses for 2015 and we are only in February. If you’ve been following my social media you will have seen my best dressed for each ceremony and also some of my fashion fails so instead of concentrating on this I want to look at wearing red on the red carpet. As a stylist I would never advise my client to do this clash; and I say clash because thats exactly what it is. When you wear red on red you get swept up in the background decor and all of a sudden the dress you tried on in that pure white designers studio no longer has the desired wow factor.

Look at what Rita Ora wore to the oscars last night, that striking bold colour just blew my mind yet the same dress in red would have faded into the carpet.



Something I did notice last night though was how those wearing red dresses did so with such modern and sexy twists! 

Dakota Johnson set the ball rolling in her Saint Laurent gown with the shoulder detail. The straight edge triangle cut around her bust really gave the dress some much needed seduction. The top half of the dress definitely carried the bottom half (literally as well) as once we got passed the embellished should and top section the rest fell pretty flat for me. dakota-johnson-vogue-22feb15-getty_b

Next up is Rosamund Pike. I have struggled with her choices so far for the awards season; I found them all slightly off; but last night I definitely found my favourite with her lace number. The slit up the front made the dress sexy and the lace meant the texture didn’t blend as easily into the carpet and background.



Sophie Hunter did her best Liz Hurley impression in this Lanvin gown but failed where Liz conquered when it came to the fitting. This dress would have been okay if it had some shape to it.

Finally we have Solange Knowles. We all know after her beautiful wedding dress she is a fan of the cape, but this suit just had too many layers and not enough definition. It really did ruin the silhouette of Solange and look like she made a grab for the curtains straight from the show!

With this is mind what do you think? Can red on the red carpet work?